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Member Complaint Format.

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Member Complaint Format. Empty Member Complaint Format.

Post by Melfer on Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:07 pm

When posting a Member Complaint, please use this format:

Your in-game name: Reply here
Rule breaker(s) in game name: Reply here
Date: Reply here
Reason of complaining: Reply here
Evidence (if any): Reply here


[b][color=#ff3333]Your in-game name: [/color][/b][i][color=#ffffff]Reply here[/color][/i]
[b][color=#ff3333]Rule breaker(s) in game name: [/color][/b][i][color=#ffffff]Reply here[/color][/i]
[b][color=#ff3333]Date: [/color][/b][i][color=#ffffff]Reply here[/color][/i]
[b][color=#ff3333]Reason of complaining: [/color][/b][color=#ffffff]Reply here[/color]
[b][color=#ff3333]Evidence (if any): [/color][/b][color=#ffffff]Reply here[/color]

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